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The Reflective Essay My Writing Essay - 1598 Words

The Reflective Essay When I was a child, writing was one of my favorite hobbies, so I used to spend many hours to write in my daily journals. However, when I came to America, I felt more difficult to write and express my thoughts in English because I did not know much vocabularies and lacking grammatical knowledge. Then, I decided to go back to school to improve my writing skills because I recognize the significant of writing in my everyday lives. As a college student, my writing are about different types of class assignments such as reflections, journals, essays, and research papers. As a teacher aide in the preschool classroom, and most of my writings are reports, observation, notes, and curriculum planning. At the beginning of the Academic Writing Seminar (AWS 100) when I wrote my first essay assignment, and I found out that writing essays in English was not easy. At the end of the semester, I realize I have learned valuable lessons while working seriously to write assignments from the AWS 100, so thi s class will a step with deep preparation to help me successful in writing research papers skills at Pacific Oaks College. In this essay, I will also introduce the â€Å"best† of my writing, and share my experiences on the process of creating this portfolio. While taking this course, the most valuable piece of information I learned is about development techniques. At the beginning of this class, I had problem with development techniques. I used to focus on answering the questionsShow MoreRelatedMy Writing : The Reflective Essay Essay1666 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reflective Essay Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies since I was in high school, so I used to spend many hours to writing in my daily journals in Vietnamese. However, when I came to America, I felt more difficult to write and express my thoughts in English because I did not know much vocabularies and lacking grammatical knowledge. Then, I decided to go back to school to improve my writing skills because I recognize the significance of writing in my everyday lives. As a college studentRead More Reflective Writing - My Development as a Writer Essay1528 Words   |  7 PagesItalian American and African American. I am Mexican American. My culture has helped me to become the writer I am today. My bicultural background and constant moving back and forth from Mexico to America has both influenced and weakened my writing. Although I was born in America, my Mexican culture has always been a part of my life. I have spent the majority of my life in Mexico, and Spanish is my first language. After I turn ed one, my family moved to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Raised there, I developedRead MoreReflective Essay767 Words   |  4 PagesHow to write a reflective essay by Shadi Farid A reflective essay is essentially an essay designed to emulate past experiences or occurrences in writing form. Most reflective essays are to show the reader changes and evolutions of yourself or certain aspects about yourself, so there is a constant change of tenses during the essay between past and present. During this essay I will be describing the most important parts of writing a reflective essay and all the key elements that should be includedRead MoreMy School Experience Reading And Writing905 Words   |  4 Pages Throughout my school experience reading and writing was always a struggle for me. I did not like to read because I could not remember anything I read, and I did not like to write because what I wrote was unorganized. Reading also can help improve writing, but when I was younger, I was stubborn and not aware of that. I had no confidence and thought I was never going to achieve good grades in an English class. So I let my grades slip and with that I decided to not go to college after high school.Read MoreConnections Between The Work I Have Done And The Course Outcomes1337 Words   |  6 Pageshave experienced, between the work I have done and the course outcomes. I have used a lot of the outcomes such as research process, style conventions, multimodal design, and reflective interactions in my writings throughout the semester. Three of the outcomes I will discuss our research process, style conventions, and reflective interactions. One of the various outcomes that connects to the work I have done throughout the semester was the research process. The research process connects to a greatRead MoreIn My Creative Nonfiction Genre Proposal, I Stated That,1571 Words   |  7 PagesIn my creative nonfiction genre proposal, I stated that, â€Å"my [creative writing project s] focus will be literary essays that address humanity’s universal desire for a sense of identity and belonging; these essays will be written from a personal perspective, containing anecdotes, internal conflicts, and external opinions† (1). A little over ten weeks later, I believe I have achieved this goal in my final draft because of the stylistic approaches and revisions I made with the help of the CreativeRead MoreHow I Am A Writer Essay1112 Words   |  5 Pages Reflective As a writer, I would consider myself to be a very strong writer. When it comes to writing or having different writing assignments, I have to write everything down on a piece of paper to get my thoughts out and just let my pen flow. I tend to write essays only when I am assigned, but for the most part, I write everyday. I personally like to write about me in particular but mainly I enjoy writing about overcoming different obstacles people face in life or about the future. As a writerRead MoreReflection Of A Reflection On Academic Skills1043 Words   |  5 Pagesof the good and bad quality within yourself. Taking action of the weaknesses and developing my skills to improve myself around everyone, (Stadter, 2015). Gibbs Reflective Cycle (1988), a framework for students to resolve problems in assignments, step by step, I will reflect on my own problems, (UK Essays, 2013). My previous goal was to study in a university and now that I have accomplished that goal, my next goal is to complete the course with a good grade. But the reality of achieving the FoundationRead MoreDtlls Study Skills Assignment Essay1712 Words   |  7 PagesSKILLS The aim of this essay is to give the reader an overview of the types of study skills necessary for a student to study for and attain a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. In it I will discuss my personal approach to study and the study skills I need to use on the programme. The essay will highlight the skills I feel are my current strengths and draw attention to the areas I need to develop. I will briefly describe and evaluate some different reflective models and in relationRead MoreReflective Essay : Reflective Self Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pages Reflective Self-Analysis Essay My first semester as an exchange student, I decided to take a composition 1 class to improve my English skills. Before I came to America, I thought I was advanced in English and I was so confident to speak it. I wasn’t afraid to take this class because of my confidence to get good grades, although I never had written any essays in English ever in my life. On the first day of class, my confidence was crumbled and I could feel that my English skills were weak when I

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Personal Statement On Social Identity Essay - 1491 Words

Social identity is most commonly explained as a person’s awareness of who they are according to groups they assign themselves with (social class, teams, family, etc.). When I think about my own social identity I ask myself, â€Å"What defines me?† Social identities allow us to have a sense of belonging in a hectic world. For my own social identity I know that I am a white young adult. I am able to acknowledge that I am female and I also identify as a woman. I practice Christianity, am a heterosexual and would classify myself as middle to upper class. Additionally, I am able bodied. These particular attributes I identify myself with I think of most frequently. If I were to rank them from most thought about to least the order would go as so, young adult, woman, a female, white, heterosexual, upper to middle class, able bodied and lastly Christian. Identifying myself as a female and a women as well allows me to see recognize the differences between men and women. This is becoming more and more relevant to my everyday life. I think that is because I will be graduating in May, and finding a job will be challenging. However, since I am a woman it will be even more challenging since it has been discussed that men are supposedly ‘better and stronger leaders’. Not only will being a women play into my future job hunt, but also being a young adult who is a recent college graduate. That could additionally play a factor into jobs because I have less experience than other potentialShow MoreRelatedIdentity Theft Essay832 Words   |  4 Pagessociety is stolen identity. Stolen identity can ruin the life of every citizen in the United States and foreign countries. According to Ballard, a journalist, who recognizes the Federal Trade Commission for capturing identity theft as the number one rank of consumer complaints (21). Out o f ten million people, there will be one person who has been a victim of stolen identity. At birth, a child is given a social security number to distinguish them from other babies. In reality, the social security numberRead MoreThe Results Support The Hypothesis That People From Individualistic Cultures857 Words   |  4 Pagesconsistency. Similarly, people with greater self-concept clarity should be less influenced by social cues and thus exhibit greater consistency† (pg.747) People who come from individualistic cultures are more independent and have a stronger desire to stand out and be individuals so they have a stronger desire to express their traits and show more of their personality. They are also less influenced by situational and social factors so they are more consistent in showing their personality traits whereas individualsRead MoreSocial Constructionism, Identity and the Concept of Deviance Essay1409 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Constructionism, Identity and the Co ncept of Deviance Social constructionist use the term social construction to imply that our understanding of the world in which we live is constructed from the social interactions we have on a daily basis. In reference to identity, social constructionist theory (SCT) proposes that we as social beings actively construct our identities using social tools as the means in which to construct our identities, the foremost one being language. This particularRead MoreDefining Culture and Identities1017 Words   |  5 Pagesexplore the aspects that create identity and how different aspects exclude people compared to the similarities which build groups and societies. People’s multiple identities are given by their similarities and differences, and their connections with others.’ [1] When considering identity it is import to look at the elements that contribute to the idea of identity. Identity elements range from situational reasons, which can just be temporary to identities based on personal characteristics such as racialRead MoreCultural Interview Is An Indispensable Element Of One s Professional Success Essay1672 Words   |  7 Pagestheories/concepts discussed in class. In addition, the received data may also serve as a practical illustration of the differences between the Personal and Group identities. Finally, the interview has largely changed my personal perspective and understanding concerning the work with the clients representing a different culture. Notably, speaking about the start of a personal career, there are several worth consideration points to be taken out of the interview. The interrelations between the answers and theRead MoreHow Personal Branding And Maintenance Of One Is Crucial For The Development And Success Of Future Careers1615 Words   |  7 PagesThis study focuses on the various aspects of personal branding and how the development and maintenance of one is crucial for the development and success of future careers. With today’s tough and competitive job market, jobseekers are struggling to stand out from their peers and are used to being passed over and forgotten about by potential employers. Developing a personal brand ensures that individuals are not left behind and that they develop the competitive advantage that positions them for theRead MoreA Brief Note On Cyberstalking And Identity Fraud930 Words   |  4 PagesNithin Gopal D V00748371 Cyberstalking and Identity fraud Cyberstalking is the form of using technology such as computers, mobiles, internet and other networks for stalking an individual. The criminals who use cyberstalking are called as Cyber stalkers. They use email, messages, phone calls and other communication devices to stalk and victimize people. Cyberstalking cases have been increasing these days and most people are not aware of this. Some of the most common cyberstalking comes from manyRead MoreIdentity Theft Or Identity Fraud1707 Words   |  7 PagesThis problem is known as identity theft or identity fraud. The development and growth of the world wide web and personal computers being have made everyday things easier for everyone, but have also made it easier for criminals to gain access to information needed to steel someone’s identity. This is a crime which cost people thousands of dollars and countless hours of time spent to regain their losses and the damages done by having their life turned upside down by identity th eft. Albrecht(2016). ThisRead MoreIdentity Crimes : As Common As Death And Taxes1099 Words   |  5 PagesIdentity Crimes: As Common as Death and Taxes With the rise in the need for the convenience of online shopping and bill pay, identity theft has become a more prevalent issue around the world. Identity theft is a type of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud of deception, typically for economic gain (Identity Theft). In 2009, approximately 13.9 million Americans were victims of some form of identity theft (Theoharis). StudiesRead MoreSpeech to Persuade637 Words   |  3 Pagesraise your hand if you carry a wallet or a purse. Now raise your hand if you have a credit card or a social security number, everyone here today is at risk for identity theft. B. Thesis Statement: Today I will inform you about Identity Theft C. Preview of Main Points: In doing so, I will talk to you about 1) reducing your risk, 2) early detection, 3) How to act quickly. II. Body A. Identity theft is defined as an illegal use of someone’s information in order to obtain money or credit in

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College Admission Essay - Overview

College Admission Essay - Overview Keep reading to find out more about how PrepScholar can help you accomplish your educational dreams. A lot of people never learn to compose essays, and they miss out on opportunities as an outcome. Analyze your life and you will probably discover a lot of interesting things to tell about. You will need to present yourself in a sense that will grab attention. Although each aspect of your college application is crucial, a strong college admission essay is just one of the most significant elements of the application. College application essay, is a significant aspect as it aids the panel, pick the best students that show the proper type of motivation, for placement into a few of their programs. Do not allow the admissions application fee block you from applying! Thus, please read these recommendations before working on your own application if you would like to do your very best. Essay prompts are intentionally open-ended, and there are nume rous approaches to begin selecting a topic. Nevertheless, if you would like your paper to be effective, our advice is to use the standard format comprising introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. When you locate a topic you want, sit down and write for one hour or so. To accomplish this, brainstorm on topics which you are passionate about. When choosing the most suitable college essay topics, students ought to be keen to center on the principal ideas they're attempting to pass in their essay. In a nutshell, learning how to compose essays properly is something which you cannot avoid. Fortunately, learning how to compose essays is really rather simple as long as you are able to stay calm and break the work down so you can tackle it step-by-step. The Death of College Admission Essay Admissions staff members want to understand the way your presence will produce the college a better place. Our Admission and Financial Aid officers are here in order to work with you personally to think about every kind of aid for which you might be eligible. Writing the college application essay can be among the most daunting sections of applying to college. Admissions officers don't expect you to be perfect, and thus don't make your essay unbelievable by attempti ng to pretend that you're. What You Must Know About College Admission Essay At the close of the day, colleges wish to accept someone who's going to graduate, be prosperous in the world and have the university related to that success. Wow students get in their dream schools year in, year out. In most instances, the admission essay is the exact first thing the admissions board take a peek at. A college application essay is a substantial means of letting the panel learn more concerning the student. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About College Admission Essay There's an automated investment plan provided with the PA 529 plan, and there's absolutely no restriction regarding how many times you contribute to the automated investment program. Then ask yourself whether you want to compose a conclusion tying everything together. Apparently, a fraud essays help service doesn't want you to have a chance to reach them after being robbed. The college application essay isn't the perfect forum to confess all your previous crimes, failures, and misdeeds. So for those who have an essay assigned that you require help with, you can purchase essay online cheap from us. Your essay is a special reflection of who you are as an individual. Admission essay is just one of the most significant academic papers in your life as it determines whether you are going to be in a position to go into the college you need or not. Admission essays writing is an arduous talent. After you receive a work done from us you will return again if you need assistance with another one of your essays. If you are searching for top essay writing companies, try out the mentioned above. There's not any reason to rush your essay. There are a number of essay writing services that think they're the very best, and thus don't be cheated and check the legitimate list of the very best. Secondly, you're likely to do fine as you learn how to compose an effective essay. Bridget's essay is extremely strong, but there continue to be a couple little things that could be made better. Stephen's essay is quite effective. Most Noticeable College Admission Essay A superb college essay isn't just persuasive, it's a piece which highlights the suitable attitude to the college, the personal aspirations and the vision the student has once they get in the school. Many college applicants make the error of attempting to incorporate all their accomplishments and activities in their application essays. The admissions teams are searching for authenticity and caliber of thinking. Don't offer an impression that you've got minimal understanding about the college you're applying to.

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Market Segmentation to Sell Dangerous Products †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Market Segmentation to Sell Dangerous Products. Answer: Introduction: This particular advertisement belongs to the category of social media because the advertising has been done using the social media platform face book. This advertisement is of Mens shoes that has been advertised on face book. This advertisement targets men, the marketers and the advertisers aim here seems to be advertising formal shoes for the men. This shoe is especially for the office going purposes and for other formal events. This advertisement is not very effective as it is not attracttive, an advertisement has to be attractive so that it create interst among the target audience and influence their buying behavior. There should be interesting catch phrases, images so that the target audience finds the advertisement interesting. is Journal on social media Advertising Social Media is one of the most popular advertisements platforms for advertisements now days. It successfully targets many audiences in a very less expenditure. Very less effort and time is consumed for social media advertising campaigns. One of the most important social media advertising using facebook, twitter, inttagram and other sites is that the marketers get the feedback of the advertising campaigns in a fraction of time. This platform is very easily accessible by both the marketers and the potential customers. There are certain disadvantages of the social media advertising. It is very difficult to measure the actual impact on the audience because there are many people who do not intend to buy the products of services of any particular brand but respond to the brand advertising campaign. Therefore, it often happens that the feedback might b e constructive and positive but that cannot but one cannot conclude that they will be motivated further to take the buying action. The feed back from the customers cannot be totally relied because it becomes easy for all the viewers to give feedback. They will take the opportunity to give feedback but how much they are convinced for buying that product is difficult to tell, because they must be responding to other advertisements of the competitors, so the audience becomes very speculative in choosing the brand (Alhabash, Mundel and Hussain 2017). Business-to-Business advertising This advertisement belongs to the category of B2B advertising, because it is an industrial product and most of industrial products are directly sold to the business and not much levels are involved within in the distribution channel of this kind of products. To increase the brand awareness- This is a prime objective of B2B marketing. However, in the context of B2B marketing is to provide vast information of the product through the business report, social media and the interaction. To increase the lead generation- However, by using the social networking sites the B2B marketers increases the lead generation. To increase the engagement-To increase the engagement of the customers within the business in order to provide them valuable information is another objective of B2B marketing. It is an advertisement of hydraulic that is mostly used in factories in the field of engineering. The target audience of this particular product is the industries and factories where the engineering work is done and the factories that require hydraulic in their engineering processes. The advertisement only has product specification. There is very less creativity used in the advertisement, the advertisers have used the color blue and white, the color choice is very good making the advertisement simple and all the information is also relevant. However, increasing of the creativity in this advertisement process as for example distribution of product information to the individuals through unique process will be beneficial to improve this process. B2B advertising journal B2B advertising often lacks creativity, since they are sold to the industrial buyers the market focus mostly on giving the product related information. The focus is very little on creativity. This is particular the aspects of B2B advertising that seems to be different from from the other advertising techniques. It is a very negative thing about business-to-business advertising. Advertisements are generally made creative so that it can attract the customers, but if the advertisements are not creative it would not be able to create the interest of the customers. The common belief about business-to-business advertising is that, since it is sold to other business and it is an industrial product, there is no requirement for creativity. Industrial customers should not be treated differently. There is so much competition in Business to Business adverting as well, so if the advertisers are not creative then there are chances that they might not be able to achieve their advertising objectives (Baack et al., 2016). This is an advertisement for a cause, so this particular advertisement belongs to the category of non-profit advertisement. The aim of this advertisement is not to generate profit, but rather to create awareness about the cause. In this advertisement the cause here is for the children who cannot walk, due a disorder, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, this disorder is very common among the children which does not allow them them to enjoy their lives like other normal children and they cannot go up stairs. The advertisement is good and would be appealing; since it is a social cause advertisement it will successfully achieve the objectives of the advertisements. However, the advertisement could have been displayed in any other way; the picture used here is of a child smiling, if one does not read the caption given below it would be very difficult to say what kind of adverting is it. So the advertisers could have put a picture so that it becomes easier for the audience to just see the picture and know what is the cause for the advertisement. The caption given below has too much of medical jargon which might be difficult for the audience to understand, so this could have been simply portrayed by only giving the description about the symptoms and how it affects the child. Journal on Non- profit advertising A lot of companies now under their corporate social responsibilities fight for causes that might be social cause for any other diseases, they use cause advertising techniques for creating awareness about the cause they are fighting. It is not for profit, so the organization name is not focused too much but the cause is the focus. Cause advertising should be appealing so that it makes the audience aware about the cause, the pictures used for cause advertising should be very appealing. The corporations that run successful csr campaigns have advertisements that make the audience emotional, emotional appeal is very much required; the picture should speak a lot compelling the audience to read further about the cause. Since the audience is the public, the advertisers of cause advertising use a very simple language so that they can read it and understand. If the advertisement is related to some kind of disease, then the advertisers generally do not use medical jargons, that often confuses t he audience and might happen that many audience would simply lose interest in further reading the about the cause, so medical jargons are generally avoided (Pomering 2017). This advertising belongs to the global advertising category, the advertising is of a Chinese airlines, where the advertisers are promoting a Chinese airlines and appealing the audience to travel through their airlines. The target audience here is the public who like to travel. From the advertisement it is not clear that what is the subject of advertising. The advertisement has depicted a family, which is very good as the intention of the advertisers here is very clear that they are convibcing the people with families, which they can also travel through this advertisement, as it is one of the best airlines for all. Though the drawback of the advertisement is that the picture of a Aeroplane in the background is very small, which might the audience who would look for the first time. The picture should have been slightly bigger so that the audience knows the thing, idea or service that is being advertised in this particular advertisement. Since it is an global advertisement the language of the country is used, but for the people who do not know Chinese and happen to see this advertisement, they will be confused. Advertisements should not have boundaries they should be clear enough that the audience irrespective of the country they belong should understand it (Ling 2017). Journal on global advertising This journal focuses on the reaction of the audience in global advertising. A experiment was conducted to evaluate the reaction of the customers in culturally congruent images used in advertising, which is the mix of global and local cultural elements that are used in advertising. Focusing the attention on persuasion knowledge perspective the argument of the author is that the advertisement images are incongruence when it comes to a globalized market. Communication in a globalized market in China, the consumers use persuasion knowledge, they use the belief they have regarding the tactics use by the agent or the marketer that is used to persuade the audience. This results in positive attitude towards the advertisements, the knowledge of the consumers help in creation of positive attitude towards the advertisements ad might also help the consumers to in later stage create interest in gathering information regarding the product and might even buy it. The following research helps in stud ying and understanding the role of global and local advertising in a globalized market. It was found that in the globalized market, like china, the audience uses their beliefs and persuasion knowledge (Crawford 2017). This advertising is advertising for an industrial product. This particular advertisement is an example of bad advertisement. The reason for selecting this advertisement as bad advertisement is that there are very less information about the product has been used in this advertisement. The information that is available in the advertisement is very vague and hardly any information can be taken from this advertisement. This advertisement could have been more clear and creative so that the audience is able to know what product is being advertised. The picture used for this advertisement does not much relate with the product (Carlton and Perloff 2015). This advertisement can be taken for an example for good example. This is a cause advertisement where the ill effects of smoking have not been given in full detail yet it is very clear that it is fatal. The message is short and yet very persuasive. The best thing about the advertisement is that, it has been used in a billboard where it is available to all the people of the city. The location is perfect for the cause advertising; all will see it. Another thing is that no audience stands and read advertisements on bill boards, they see it while they pass, so the message should be short and yet effective and this particular advertisement has kept this thing in mind (Hackbarth Silvestri and Cosper 2015). According to the stage five the above advertisement is considered as the bad advertisement as it is less informative. However, a good advertisement always includes more information, from which a person get clear idea about the product or service. Therefore, it is important for an organization to use proper way during the advertisement process (Carlton and Perloff 2015). Hence, it is important for the organization to give detail information regarding the service during the advertisement as it will give a clear idea regarding the service to the customers. The above advertisement is an example of good advertisement as it includes a depth information about the service. However, the main difference of the good and bad advertismen is the information related to the product or service. However, if the customer get proper idea about the product or service through the advertisement then they are easily attracted towards the service. The above advertisment includes the product category, product featurs, contact details of the organization. Product feature is an important part of the advertisment as through this the customers get a preliminary idea regrding the service and product (Crawford 2017). Based on this they take decision about their purchase. Hence, it is justified that this advertisment is an improved version of the previous advertisment as it gives a clear idea about the service that can easily attract the customer concentration. References Alhabash, S., Mundel, J. and Hussain, S.A., 2017. Social Media Advertising.Digital Advertising: Theory and Research, p.285. Baack, D.W., Wilson, R.T., van Dessel, M.M. and Patti, C.H., 2016. Advertising to businesses: Does creativity matter?.Industrial Marketing Management,55, pp.169-177. Carlton, D.W. and Perloff, J.M., 2015.Modern industrial organization. Pearson Higher Ed. Crawford, R. ed., 2017.Global Advertising Practice in a Borderless World. Taylor Francis Hackbarth, D.P., Silvestri, B. and Cosper, W., 2015. Tobacco and alcohol billboards in 50 Chicago neighborhoods: market segmentation to sell dangerous products to the poor.Journal of public health policy,16(2), pp.213-230. Huertas-Garca, R., Huertas-Garca, R., Lengler, J., Lengler, J., Consolacin-Segura, C. and Consolacin-Segura, C., 2017. Co-branding strategy in cause-related advertising: the fit between brand and cause.Journal of Product Brand Management,26(2), pp.135-150. Ling, P., 2017. Advertising in Singapore: regional hub, global model. Pomering, A., 2017. Communicating CSR Through Corporate Image Advertising. InHandbook of Integrated CSR Communication(pp. 171-190). Springer International Publishing.